Learning about wine, vines and vignerons whilst living in the Languedoc

On Vintage and Video


Back in the UK and its grey climate after the blue skies of the Languedoc, the need for some colour was apparent. Other than friends and family it was a vintage and some videos which helped me to find some.


The vintage was 2009. I first opened a bottle of one of my favourite wines the Cuvade Préciouse from Domaine Montesquiou, a dry Jurancon. This would be just about my house white wine, I love its dry, zesty flavours with just the faintest hint of sweetness on the finish. I often drink my bottles fairly quickly as it is so attractive but I tucked a few away and found this 2009 lurking on my wine racks. Lesson learned, I need to age more of these bottles. The years had added a directness, softened the zestiness a little and with the slight oak notes this was very much a Burgundy like wine. Just lovely.

I then opened a 2009 Motus from Domaine Treloar. 96% Mourvèdre (with a touch of Grenache) this was smooth as silk, tannins melted into a cocktail of red fruit flavours with great length and complexity. A wine truly at its peak and delicious. A prime example of the quality of the vintage in the Languedoc Roussillon region and of how good Mourvèdre can  be.

Intrigued by the success of those two bottles I then opened (all on different nights I should say) a Rhone 2009. It was Jeff who encouraged me to visit Domaine Du Cayron in Gigondas a few years ago. Run by the Faraud sisters their wines are made from the same grape varieties as the Languedoc and it is interesting to compare the regions. Very peppery, liquorice notes and dark red fruits this softened through the evening and still has the ability to age further. Classic Rhone, a lovely wine.

2009 was a good vintage and the benefits of maturing wine were clear with these bottles. A coincidence of two bottles became a mini examination of a vintage and it passed with flying colours.

bonum vinum

The other thing which brightened the days was the blog post of Jacques Bonum Vinum after a visit to Mas Coutelou, in particular the accompanying interviews. Well worth listening to, (it will stretch your French it must be said), it captures the passion and spirit of sharing which typifies Jeff. A very good piece of work, highly recommended.



Author: amarch34

I'm a recently retired (early!) teacher from County Durham in North east England. I am going to be spending most of the next year in the Languedoc leaarning about wines, vineyards and the people who care for both.

6 thoughts on “On Vintage and Video

  1. Glad to hear the Cuvade Préciouse 2009 is maturing well, Alan, especially since (you may be surprised to hear) I have never tasted one at that sort of age. It is one of the (few!) wines on my list that I import in fairly large quantities but have no trouble selling. As a result, I never get to keep any for myself….. but maybe I should!

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  2. As for Treloar Motus 2009, it’s a cracking wine, which I suspect will – at least to my personal taste preferences – reach its true peak in another 5 to 10 years. I love old wines!


  3. I tend to prefer wines with some fruit left rather than truly old wines, all tertiary. So for me Motus was at its peak, still time ahead I am confident but completely spot on for me.
    You should definitely be keeping some CP, as I said probably my go to white wine.


  4. Motus is such a quality wine, I hadn’t had a glass for a couple of months but last week opened a bottle for friends visit and had forgotten what a great drink it is!


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