Learning about wine, vines and vignerons whilst living in the Languedoc

Attention: Vin De Chantier



In 1957 Eugène Mas moved the family winery  into 6, Rue de l’Estacarède, Puimisson and made his first wines there having constructed the cement cuves the year before. It was much easier for wagins to collect the wines fromt here than from Rue De la Pompe where the wines were made before. In 1987 Jean Claude Coutelou converted the whole domaine to organic production, one of the first in the country. In 2017 Jeff Coutelou completed the renovation of those cellars and decided it was time to celebrate his family and their wonderful wines.


The cellars and garden were decorated, the wine flowed, music played. Friends and family gathered together to honour the history of the domaine and its future. Old vintages, jereboams and magnums matched the excellent food.

It was a great night, a celebration of all that is good in the world of wine – friends and family enjoying themselves around good bottles. ‘Grapes, work and love’ is one of Jeff’s sayings and Saturday night showed how many people love the work and care which Jeff gives to his grapes, and love Jeff himself. This was a celebration of the past but the wines and the work in the cellar show that there is a sparkling future ahead for Mas Coutelou.


Midnight fireworks


Author: amarch34

I'm a recently retired (early!) teacher from County Durham in North east England. I am going to be spending most of the next year in the Languedoc leaarning about wines, vineyards and the people who care for both.

4 thoughts on “Attention: Vin De Chantier

  1. Oh, how I would have loved to have been there. Very jealous!

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  2. Many congratulations to Jeff, the family and the team.

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  3. A lot more wine than people to consume it in the photos.
    Is Eugène Mas any relation to Jeff’s father? 1957 can’t have had many Vignerones Independent, at least in the Co-op dominated Languedoc.

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  4. There were 110 people Graham, so the wine was definitely eagerly consumed.
    The Mas family are Jeff’s mother’s side of the family and his father married into that family, hence the Mas Coutelou name.


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