Learning about wine, vines and vignerons whilst living in the Languedoc

2 thoughts on “Autumn colours, winter’s calling

  1. Alan, how bad were the storms?


    • Ian, they were shocking. 210mm+ of rain in Bédarieux, 170 in Agde. Recorded winds of 160kph in Béziers. Hail like hazelnuts for half an hour or so. I have never seen such rain it just came down in torrents the whole of Friday. The lightning and thunder started around 2am and continued until the following evening. It was stunning. As you will see in the link Laurens, Pouzolles and Servian all under water. The beaches are completely covered in detritis. Mini tornado in Sergnan. Think that about covers it! The locals say they can’t remember anything like it.,1089220.php


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