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Natural wines, buying in the UK



Following the series of posts about Australia and New Zealand and the natural wine scene in particular I wanted to buy some of the wines I got to know there. As so often I found that was easier said than done but I did find some of them as you can see here. Hopefully that also shows how I do actually put my money down to prove I like the wines I praise on here!


Kindeli and Don wines from New Zealand, Gentle Folk and Jauma, Patrick Sullivan and Shobbrook are all available in the UK. Be prepared to do some searching on the internet and buying online as unless you live in London you are unlikely to find them in local shops. Hop, Burns and Black, run by a New Zealand couple were the main source along with Noble Fine Liquor. Now all I need is somebody to import the excellent Little Things wines.

I would recommend a few other online shops for UK readers. Leon Stolarski is the source for Jeff Coutelou’s wines as well as many other excellent bottles. I have previously bought wines from The Grape Store and Buon Vino. Both provided very efficient service.

There are a lot of shops and online stores in London and the South of England and friends recommend places such as Solent Cellars and Red Squirrel. Over the last few years availability has certainly increased. Finally, I must mention Les Caves De Pyrene who supply many of the shops mentioned above and now have their own online shop.

The results of your online searching are worth the hassle. Try it.

Alternatively many, if not most, natural wine bars will do retail. Again the South is best served but God’s own city of Liverpool has Bunch Wine Bar which I am eager to visit and does have all the Aussie and NZ wines I have mentioned.

Author: amarch34

I'm a recently retired (early!) teacher from County Durham in North east England. I am going to be spending most of the next year in the Languedoc leaarning about wines, vineyards and the people who care for both.

6 thoughts on “Natural wines, buying in the UK

  1. Hi, I enjoy your blog a lot! My name is Andrew and I am the NYC rep for Raisin, the only app, and free download, for natural wine. Check it out, any comments, questions or suggestions please let me know. Currently I’m on Tinos Island, Greece visiting my friend Jerome of Domaine de Kalathas. Natural wines, no chemicals, no additives, some vines are over 200 years old. I’m not sure where they are available but if you are interested let me know and I will find out. And I have been drinking Jeff’s wines in NYC and Paris for several years and like them a lot!

    Cheers, Andre

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    • Andrew, I had your app as soon as it came out on Android. It is something I use regularly and enjoy. I shall be getting round to internet and apps soon 🙂 Enjoy your time on Tinos, not jealous at all.


  2. Also Anton of Lucy Margaux has very tasty wines!


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    • I did have a couple of those Andrew. One was good, the other not at all I’m afraid. I have had them before but was a bit shocked by the poor one it must be said. Hopefully a one off


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  4. Good suggestions. I love the statistics about wine consumption. (Should I have moved to France?) I do feel there are a lot more options here in Bogota than 5 years ago, which is great to see.
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