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Shocking news



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When Jeff contacted me on Saturday he passed on shocking news. On Wednesday, whilst he was in Paris someone deliberately set fire to a hedgerow and olive plantation in Segrairals vineyard. The man (Jeff does know who it was) used petrol to burn them down. This was arson, pure and simple, an evil act.


Just the previous month there had been another incident, this time accidental. A neighbour was burning waste and it spread onto Peilhan vineyard destroying young trees and some vines.


Once is bad enough but two incidents is almost unbearable. That the second was an act of malice makes it even worse. When someone is trying to develop the environment with new planting one would imagine they would be encouraged. Instead Jeff has met with acts of vandalism and now arson. Fortunately he is a strong man and will fight on but he deserves our support.

Author: amarch34

I'm a recently retired (early!) teacher from County Durham in North east England. I am going to be spending most of the next year in the Languedoc leaarning about wines, vineyards and the people who care for both.

5 thoughts on “Shocking news

  1. Idiots. Is there any action Jeff can take on this?

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  2. I’m so angry, Alan. My kind of anger would not help Jeff, but I’d love to say a lot more about the kind of people who would do that, and the kind of society which offers silent tacit approval. I won’t.

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  3. It’s just very sad. Some create, some destroy


  4. Saddened to hear this. Hatred is such a futile emotion, hurting the user as well as the person they are directing it at. I am sure Jeff being the stronger person will grow from this and the person concerned whither away and become insignificant.

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  5. There way a guy in our commune a couple of years who went round starting fires. Everyone knew who is was including the police but it still took several fires before it stopped – mostly on scrubland fortunately.

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