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Cuvée Rugbyman – Chut

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Version francaise

Remember this:

and this:

or this:

Well today it was time for the Rugbymans to return and bottle their wine. Fresh from celebrating the victory of Béziers in the local derby against Narbonne, they were eager to make their cuvée. Well maybe not so fresh after last night’s celebrations.

First Jeff had to open the large bottles and suction the wine.



Jeff demonstrates

The men quickly chose their roles and set to work. Jeff explained, they followed on.


wpid-p_20150412_111757_hdr.jpg Of course the quality has to be checked.

wpid-p_20150412_110838_hdr.jpg Corking the bottle by hand requires the strength of, well, a Rugbyman!

wpid-p_20150412_113116_hdr.jpgThe bottles were to be sealed with wax, the way it used to be done and some cuvées still are at Mas Coutelou.


Heating the wax


Quality control

Quality control

The bottles were labelled with their specially designed étiquette and the name chosen by the Rugbymans, Chut. The back label is the photo at the top.



Onto the second bottle!


As always the Rugbymans are great fun to be around, the jokes run as freely as the wine. So, Chut, a collector’s item. Definitely a bottle that belongs in the best of cellars.

Santé les Rugbymans!

Author: amarch34

I'm a recently retired (early!) teacher from County Durham in North east England. I am going to be spending most of the next year in the Languedoc leaarning about wines, vineyards and the people who care for both.

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